Book on meditations to break mental loops and free yourself

Book on lucid dreaming and dream yoga

Notes on culture, religion and technology
Thoughts from Peter Thiel on culture, religion and technology

On virtual dreams
Essay on virtual dreams

A Virtual Dream And Brain Computer Protocol
Network Whitepaper

The Future is Networked
Essay on the crypto-economic paradigm

The Definite Optimist
Essay on definite optimism

The Rise of Networks
Essay on networks vs hierarchies

Rule Over Self
Book with mental models to become a better learner, thinker and doer

How I Escaped My Prison
A playbook to make you a better thinker

Speech at Harvard Kennedy School on the theme of opportunities

Pensive Series
Engage thinkers and doers philosophically

Conversations with leading founders and thinkers

Innovation Globalized
Thesis on how innovation will be globalized

Reflexivity in Financial Markets
Thesis on an alternative theory of how markets work